Golf Profiling and Conditioning Programme

Thank you for your interest in The Golf Profiling and Swing Efficiency Programme. The European Golf Performance Institute is dedicated to delivering the most effective conditioning programmes and assisting Physiotherapists in the process of Physical Profiling for Golfers. Paul Darby, one of the leading Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches on the PGA Tour, teaches the course. Having attended the course Mel Henry is now able to deliver the Golf Profiling and The Swing Efficiency Programme.

Golf Profiling and The Swing Efficiency Programme is a 15-point assessment, delivered by the Physiotherapist to assess the relationship between the player’s body and the swing mechanics available. A detailed exercise programme is then provided to correct and improve any physical deficiency.

Following completion of the 15-point assessment the coach will better understand the physiology of the player and relate it to the level, intensity or type of coaching the player receives.

Most coaches will assess the players they work with technically at the beginning of a lesson or training programme. Indeed some will also assess some aspects of the player’s mental attitude, especially pre-shot routine and course management skills.

However, before now, very few will have assessed or have the information they need to identify the player’s physical limitations and capabilities. It is strongly argued that it is not possible to achieve the very best from the players swing or produce a dynamic controlled movement, without understanding the body’s limitations, and available movement patterns. It is this information that is provided by the programme.

Golf Profiling is suitable for golfers of any age or ability from children to seniors, high-handicappers to tour professionals. All of these people can benefit from profiling and corrective exercise.

As one of the leading musculo-skeletal physiotherapists in the local area, I have for a number of years had a keen interest in golf, both as a player and physiotherapist. I have been fortunate to work with a number of Senior Amateur and local Tour Professionals and have provided physiotherapy services to players on the local Euro Pro event and Business Fort Plc English PGA Championship 2010. In addition to this I have over a number of years worked with Professional and elite sports men and women from a range of different sports ranging from football, rugby and tennis to skiing and triathlon.